Dear Members, At the outset, I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to you for reposing trust and confidence in me as I have assumed charge of the Presidency of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Sialkot Chamber has become a hallmark of advocacy and lobbying using its influence on government policies, resolving issues of the industry, and connecting its members with the right information. We are steadfast in our support for the export sector of Sialkot and the vital role it plays in building and sustaining the economy of our beloved country. Let me assure you with a firm conviction that this Chamber would continue to safeguard your interests and continue taking initiatives for the betterment of trade and the industry. To start my tenure on a positive note, I am pleased to share with you that the State Bank of Pakistan vides its EPD Circular Letter no. 16 of 2022, has clarified that “there is no prohibition by the State Bank of Pakistan on transit trade transactions through any country including under the Transports Internationaux Routiers (TIR) Convention; provided no sanctioned item, person or entity is involved”. Previously there had been confusion amongst the banking sector and customs department pertaining to the handling of TIR consignments through land routes and now with the aforementioned clarification, the same shall be streamlined. I look forward to striving for getting similar facilitation and breakthroughs for our members in the days to come. Regards,   Abdul Ghafoor Malik President

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