Dear Members,
Undeniably, AirSial has emerged as an indomitable symbol of Sialkot’s prowess, ascending to remarkable heights within a remarkably short span of time. With an awe-inspiring punctuality rate of 98%, unwavering regularity of 100%, and an unwavering commitment to in-flight excellence, this trailblazing airline has etched an indelible mark on the hearts of its esteemed clientele.
As AirSial confidently spreads its wings to international destinations, venturing into the skies of Saudi Arabia and Oman, a new chapter in its remarkable journey beckons. Now, more than ever, the time is ripe for a grand legacy to unfold its wings, embracing a multitude of visionary members who aspire to be a part of this unfolding epic.
In the pursuit of this noble objective, I seized the opportune moment during the Board of Directors meeting of AirSial convened on April 03, 2023. Gathered in the presence of esteemed Directors, Shareholders, and General Members, I humbly beseeched the Chairman and the esteemed Board of Directors to contemplate offering shareholdings to the esteemed members of our Chamber.
With immense pleasure, I now stand before you to announce that the revered Management of AirSial has graciously acceded to this proposition and announced to offer shareholdings to prospective investors. Furthermore, to sweeten this proposition, the investors would be presented with exclusive discounts, an earnest gesture of appreciation for their unwavering support (Copy of Self-Explanatory Letter enclosed).
For Details, please contact:
Mr. Abdul Sattar 0331-4090307
Mr. Ali Ashfaq 0335-4269678
Mr. Adnan Arshad 0306-9773818
In this juncture of gratitude, I extend my heartfelt thanks to the esteemed Office Bearers of AirSial for their resolute consideration of my entreaty. Their visionary decision epitomizes a profound dedication to fostering collaborative growth and forging enduring partnerships.
As we herald this momentous announcement, may this remarkable national carrier traverse new altitudes of success, adorning the skies of aviation with a resplendent legacy of excellence. May the winds of fortune forever be in favor of AirSial, as it soars to even greater heights, and may our association be eternally etched as a defining chapter in the extraordinary voyage of this remarkable airline.
Abdul Ghafoor Malik
The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry
P.O. Box. 1870- Sialkot 51310, Pakistan.
Tel: +92-52-4261881-3, Fax: +92-52-4268835, 4267919
E-mail: Web:
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