Mr. Muhammad Kashif Almas - 2012-2013

Mr. Muhammad Kashif Almas - 2012-2013

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 If you hail from Sialkot and are not running your business then I guess you are doing injustice to this great city which gives opportunity to its inhabitants to set up their own industry and earn fortune. Felicitations to our ancestors who gave their blood and sweat to provide us with this pedestal to launch ourselves not just in our lives but worldwide and set precedence of excellence and dedication which is epitome of Sialkot Worldwide.  With whole hearted honesty it gives me immense pleasure to admit that Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry in one such Organization which is truly providing it’s Members with the best of felicities and provide its members with an opportunity to own it with pure confidence wherever it is mentioned.  I would like to invite the readers to also include me into the list of admirers of this citySialkot and its own Chamber of Commerce and Industry which acts its wonders in adversity. They said we cannot make an Airport, we said we will and made the longest air strip of all, they said id dry port a reality we said yes and made it. That’s the beauty of my brothers in Sialkot and to serve them as Vice president holds huge importance to me. My group leader posed confidence in young bloods like me and Mr. Ikram Ul Haq and gave us the guiding leader Sheikh Abdul Majid and now you can see the results that correspond with the feats achieved by our predecessors.

At times you feel at loss of words to show your appreciation for ones who pose confidence in your abilities but I would like to thank my fellow Office Bearers President Sheikh Abdul Majid and Vice President Mr. Ikram Ul Haq for rendering me their unprecedented cooperation. Not just my fellow Office Bearers, but I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Office Bearers, Executive Committee Members, Chambers Staff and Members of this Chamber for posing their trust and confidence in order to perform my duties that included matters related to Finance, Information Technology and interaction with Foreign Missions.

While assuming charge it was my aim to put SCCI on latest footings in tandem with the needs of modern technology. It was honor to provide my input to introduce lucrative packages of Ali Baba B2B Products. It is for the first time that this Chamber complying with Microsoft upgraded its Computer systems with Genuine Microsoft Windows hence improving Member facilitation process. This also includes the up gradation of our Membership Department SAP interface with an aim to fast tract Members facilitation Process. I also would like to mention SCCI Tagged SMS facility that we’ve introduced in this Chamber for the first time, with the help of which almost all Members were informed regarding important announcement with the help of SMS with in an instant. It was an honor to lead my Executive Committee to various study tours ranging from trip to PCSIR to COMSATS Universityin order to gather latest information regarding new technology available in the market for the sake of our Members. In this context I’ve also invited the subject matter specialists to SCCI to pay visit and enlighten our Members. In this context various seminars were conducted with the help of testing laboratories like CPC-TTI and COMSATS with an aim to equip our Members with latest Information.

In the end I can only say that all I can do is thank the eternity for providing me with this opportunity to serve my Passion that is Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its illustrious Members who work day and night no how adverse the situation they are put against, solely to serve the purpose of this historic city Sialkot and the greatest country on this earth and our home land Pakistan. I wish you all the best of luck and wish all the success to preceding Office Bearers and render my full support to them just like my predecessor provided to me.


Muhammad Kashif Almas



Vice President