Mr. Ikram-Ul-Haq - 2012-2013

Mr. Ikram-Ul-Haq - 2012-2013

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 Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one such organization which is setting up its specimen not just nationwide but world over virtue its epitome performance and high standards of excellence. It’s no mean feat for a city to develop its own Airport, Roads network, Dryport, Member facilitation Units and the list goes on. It gives me immense pleasure to admit the fact that I a belong to the historic city of Sialkot and even more to be an active member working for its further development. I can still visualize the day when I took reigns of this prestigious designation and how I thanked to eternity while sitting on the Vice president Chair for the first time. I must admit the Job bestowed upon me was tough and the expectations were even higher but I tried and delivered to the best of my abilities and made it a point that at end of the day I must walk of this prestigious office with my head held high. There came a lot of difficulties during the course of time and every day was a case study for me but the experience was worth it. My job not just helped me groom as even more responsible statesman but also as a human being and I cherish this fact.

Here I would like to mention my fellow Office Bearers President Sheikh Abdul Majid and Vice President Mr. Muhammad Kashif Almas for rendering me their unprecedented cooperation. It will be a fools dream if I say that I did it all alone because the fact remains that all the achievements we’ve achieved during this tenure was all because of our Team work in which all three of us worked in cohesion for resolving Trade Disputes and raising voice against issues related to Load Shedding and SRO issues.

In the mean while it was my pleasure to represent my Chamber at different forums including Foreign Embassies functional in Pakistan along with my recent visit to Nigeria where I represented Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with a 15 member delegation comprising of our Prominent Members who represent all major industries of Sialkot ranging from Leather Industry, sports goods, military uniforms, embroidery and Surgical Instruments. Not only this, I was chosen as group leader to represent Pakistan on behalf of all 46 Member delegations, this honor was bestowed upon me because I hailed from Sialkot chamber of Commerce excellence. Also it was my pleasure to be a part of Project Committee on Power Generation for which we invited various subject matter specialists in order to provide our Chamber with best possible solutions in order to curtail the menace of load Shedding which is hampering our Industries performance.

Here I would like to appreciate the confidence posed in me by my Group Leaders for selecting a blend of Old and Young representatives in Executive Body and Chamber representation hence setting up a healthy tradition. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Office Bearers, Executive Committee Members, Chambers Staff and Members of this Chamber for posing their trust and confidence in order to perform at the best of my abilities and I hope I’ve performed to the best of their expectations.

I wish and pray to the Almighty to bless us all with his blessings and empower us to work with zeal and devotion for the betterment of our city Sialkot and our beloved country Pakistan.


Ikram Ul Haq

Vice President