Sheikh Abdul Majid - 2012-2013

Sheikh Abdul Majid - 2012-2013

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 I am really thankful to the members of the Executive Committee for their valuable support throughout the year, which made it possible for us to accomplish the targets set for the year. I am also thankful to Chairmen of the Departmental Committees for their cooperation.

Vice Presidents Mr. Ikram Ul Haq, and Mr. Muhammad Kashif Almas, did their jobs splendidly. Their dedication to resolve the problems faced by the members was supreb. I have been very fortunate to have such great and young colleagues to work with.

At its core the Chamber is about the members, and it draws its strength from both the nature and number of its members. In this regard we are very strong but wish to be stronger still and I encourage you to both use this network and add to it by bringing in other businesses. With the efforts of your capacity building, we arranged Workshops/Training programmes on varied topics. Interaction meeting with members was part of sharing with you success of top business entities to guide you achieve success.

The Chamber works tirelessly on your behalf. We have been in contact with the Government, the Foreign Missions in Pakistan, our Missions in foreign countries and all other concerned bodies to represent the members with the aim of progressing the key areas of interest getting necessary help and resolving problems. In fact schedule of activities of the Chamber has never been as hectic, and we strived to design our programmes to ensure that your business, no matter the size or industry, are positively engaged and supported

Indeed, Pakistan’s economy has been under immense pressure owing to reasons that have continuously plagued the country. The wider economic malaise could not be mitigated. Load Shedding woes, law & order situation, inflation and international market competition negatively impacted exports, the bread and butter of populace of Sialkot. In this context, the Chamber’s value as safe haven has never been greater. In spite of challenges, we remained enthusiastic and committed to serve our members in the best possible way we can, and in this effort we can count many successes, which the members would endorse.

We fortified our efforts to listen to our members, represent them, and respond to their needs. Chamber has listened to your concerns and conveyed them earnestly to those that need to hear them. We will continue to play our part in communicating, lobbying, and pressurizing on behalf of our members to ensure that the future is rewarding and very successful, and seek to ensure that success is sustainable into the future.

I took it my responsibility to share with the members all the important issues, to get their feedback in order to move forward. We will continue to push hard at all important issues, for as long as it takes.

In these difficult times, we have to play to our strengths, tackle our weaknesses, and exploit opportunities when they arise. While it is tempting to yield to gloom amidst the continuing economic crisis, let us remember that successful businesses adapt successfully and come out of all challenges through resolute efforts and firm commitment. I salute all to remain steadfast. It is my firm conviction and sincere hope that we will continue to improve, expand and, of course succeed in putting country’s economy on path of success.

Indeed, Sialkot is the leading city in exports. The products are of best international standards having special niche in the international market and worldwide recognition. Under the patronage of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce, the business community has accomplished several development projects for socio economic uplift of the city. These achievements have won accolades internationally and at the national level. I congratulate the members for the CSR role and thank those who have generously contributed the funds on regular basis.

The business community of Sialkot contributes extensively for the national economy and must be given conducive environment, peace of mind, and security to continue the excellent work. We appreciate and applaud the government for the support and hope that it would focus on policies that encourage trade and business so that businesses may flourish to help the government recuperate economy creating necessary resources to pay attention to serious issues that are critical in nature and devastating for country’s future. We need to see concerted and continuous progress until the economic stability is reality, and I assure that we will relentlessly pursue this aim.

We have increased the Chamber’s visibility in the press to highlight issues and problems relating to export industry of Sialkot and other important national issues. The intent and object is to provide best services to the members, helping them boost, grow and expand businesses to generate employment alleviating poverty to improve people’s lives.

In this endeavor and during the course of the tenure all my seniors, leaders, friends and well-wishers have been so kind to help and guide us. I would like to particularly thank our leader Mr. Riazuddin Sheikh for his guidance and advice and reposing confidence in me to serve the members.

I wish to also thank all our members. It is a real honor and a great privilege to work and develop the Chamber with you all. I may mention here that the Chamber generates businesses and it also forges friendship. Join us in all our activities. Together we may change the destiny of our people, our city, and our country.

I also wish to thank the media for being so supportive projecting and highlighting Chamber’s activities and play its role in raising our voice. Thanks also to the Administration and all other government departments for maintaining best working relations with the Chamber.

I feel obliged to express special thanks and gratitude to the honorable members who have been immensely kind and generous to help us through financial support contributing as and when required to provide help to our countrymen in natural calamities and for all other causes, which required support of the Sialkot Chamber. I salute all those who helped us to perform our responsibility not only as a trade body but as an organization of performing its corporate social responsibility supremely

For the coming years, I sincerely wish each of you every success in your business.

May God Bless us All.

Sheikh Abdul Majid