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 Meeting starts with the recitation of the Holy Quran.


Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman (Former Vice President),

·         He welcomed the honorable guest Mr. Waheed Asghar, Deputy Director General, TEVTA, Lahore and all the participants in the Skilled Labour Market Information System (SLMIS) seminar organized with the collaboration of SCCI and TEVTA.

·         He told that Government of Punjab instructed TEVTA to introduce many programs and short courses for the training skilled labour in the industry.

·         He said that TEVTA introduced an online job portal with the name of Skilled Labour Market Information System (SLMIS) in order to get benefit for both job seeker and employer.

·         He told that only five countries in the world i.e., England, Korea, Malaysia, Philippine and Sri Lanka were working under such system.

·         He informed that Export industry of Sialkot suffered from many problems and availability of skilled labour was also one of them, due to which export productivity lacking behind.

·         He requested that TEVTA authorities must introduce courses and programs according to the requirements of the Sialkot industry. 

·         He thanked to all the participants of the meeting and invite Mr. Waheed Asghar, Deputy Director General, TEVTA, Lahore to share his views about SLMIS.


Mr. Waheed Asghar (Deputy Director General, TEVTA, Lahore),

·         He thanked Mr. Shafiqu-ur-Rehman and all the members of the seminar.

·         He told that Skilled Labour Market Information System (SLMIS) was a free recruitment job portal for skilled workers.

·         He told that SLMIS would be a medium to link TEVTA graduates/job seekers and job providers (Industry).

·         He informed that SLMIS is vocational guidance and job placement website for skilled workers of all trades / technologies.

·         He also informed about the four key users of TEVTA

o    Students & Job Seekers

o    Policy Makers

o    Employers

o    Manpower   Exporter

·         He told that SLMIS would provide free CV uploading in employer’s database for the TEVTA pass outs.

·         He said that SLMIS would make job hunting easy.

·         He told that SLMIS saved employers from expenses, time and energies to recruit skilled workers.

·         He shared some statistics of SLMIS

o    2,74,182 CVs of TEVTA pass outs uploaded in database

o    31,403 CVs available for placement abroad

o    32,258 local industries registered.

o    6 registered foreign employer

o    24 Registered OEPs

o    800-1000 local and foreign jobs remain available

·         He also shared the future plan of SLMIS

o    Awareness campaign sessions at Chamber level scheduled in October & November 2016.

o    Providing a link on all Chambers’ website in Punjab.

o    Demonstration sessions at institute level.

o    Advertisement in print and electronic media.


Mr. Kashif Arshad (Assistant Director, TEVTA) demonstrated on creating account on the web site by the employers.


Mr. Majid Raza Bhutta (President),

·         He told that this seminar was organized with collaboration of SCCI and TEVTA, the objective of this seminar is to build a free of cost relation between job seeker and employers within the country and abroad.

·         He announced to publish the advertisement of Skilled Labour Market Information System (SLMIS) in the Fortnightly Bulletin (four to five time).

·         He said that SCCI appreciated the efforts of Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, in order to eliminate and solve the problem of un-employment and decreasing number of skilled labour in the industries.

·         He suggested that Government should declare the big units of Sialkot as institutes, so that factories could train the workers according to their requirements. 

·         He requested to all the members of the Chamber to get registered with SLMIS, TEVTA and also requested to the TEVTA authorities to design programs and short-courses by taking Sialkot Industry into consideration.

He thanked to the honorable guest and all the participants of the meeting

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