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 Mr. Adnan Arshad Sethi (Senior Vice President)

·         He welcomed Mr. Zishan Nadeem and other PMS Probationers from Management and Professional Development Department (MPDD) Lahore and members of Sialkot Chamber.

·         Said that the courses and trainings offered by Management and Professional Development Department were important for the probationers to move up to higher levels of responsibility.

·         He told that Sialkot is the only export industrial city of Pakistan that produces for global markets including top brands in various categories.

·         He told the facts that enabling environment with the stable law and order is a basic requirement for the survival of the businesses which could not be denied. Government must take all necessary measures for improving the law and order and security situation in the country to ensure steady growth in private sector investment and to attract higher levels of foreign direct investment.

·         He also mentioned that under the current state of the economy and financial markets, major steps need to be taken to transform the economic order and to overcome the growing economic crisis.

·         He shared about the Sialkot based small and Medium enterprises and its foreign exchange earning of USD 2.0 (B) annually.

·         He also explained that Sialkot District is the most labor intense city and enjoys the highest per capita income in country. Its Footballs, Field Hockey Sticks, Cricketing Gear, and Boxing Gloves are used in international games including the Olympics and the World Cup.

·         He shared about the successful projects including Sialkot Dryport Trust, Sialkot International Airport, Country’s second Export Processing Zone, Sports Industries Development Centre, Sialkot Tannery Zone and Sialkot Business & Commerce Centre and the new project of AIRSIAL to start new Airline in the private sector.


     Zeeshan Nadim (PMS Officer)

·         Thanked the Office Bearers and all other members for their cooperation and hospitality.

·         Appreciated the Documentary presented by the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry based on the information of Sialkot Industry.

·         Appreciated the dynamics of Sialkot Industry and said that the real Ambassador of the country was the business community.

·         He also appreciated the quality products of Sialkot Industry and Corporate class of the Sialkot industry.

·         Said that Pakistan Economy was facing many issues regarding their different sectors, but at that difficult time, Sialkot chamber was playing significant role to build a soft image of Pakistan.

·         The information about the Sialkot Industry and its performance regarding the completion of different projects privately was very much affective for the training of all PMS Officers. Because all these Officers were later on appointed on the different managerial pots e.g. Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners etc.

·         All the PMS Officers gave their introduction and share their visions that they are the Public Servants, always ready to work for the development public (economically and socially) with the collaboration of Government.


Mr. Adnan Arshad Sethi (Senior Vice President)

·         He said that we are positive and hopeful for the future as we are good in product quality and price.

·         Explained about the rebate, tax rates, and other policies of China for its industry.

·         He shared the major issues faced by the industry including energy crises, pending refund claims, tax issues, inconsistency of government polices etc. he further said that we must needed the Government support to resolve these bottlenecks for the economic development.

·         He told about the constant increase in the cost of doing business in Pakistan due to many problems and issues mentioned above.

·         He further shared that the work had been continually done on the skill development in different regions of Punjab through TEVTA, NAVTTC and other institutions.

·         He further elaborated the details regarding the Sialkot Tannery Zone Projects, its objectives, construction, development and benefits for the industry as well as for the city.


Shafiqur Rehman (Former Vice President)

·         He explained the details of all big projects of the city which were completed under the umbrella of the Sialkot Chamber.

·         He said that there should be very healthy and close relations between Local Government and the Chambers of the city to facilitate the business community as well as the inhabitants of the city.

·         He shared that there were a healthy linkages between SCCI and provincial & local Government, which we could observe through the completion of different development projects/tasks of Sialkot with the collaboration of local government and SCCI.

·         He gave the message to all the PMS Probationary Officers to understand the culture of Sialkot that how it took initiative for its development, and try to apply this model to the other cities after taking the charge of government posts for the overall development of the country.